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SU/ESF Water Community Listserv

This website serves as an information hub for the hydrology community of Syracuse University and SUNY ESF as well as acts as an archive for the email distribution that occurs on the listserv: water.listserv.syr.edu. To join the listserv, please email Maggie Zimmer @ mazimm02@syr.edu.

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CAFE Hydro Meeting | CAFE Hydro Social Hour | Dr. Christina Tague | Dr. Dave Chandler | Dr. Laura Toran | CAFE Hydro Meeting | Dr. Richard Alley | Dr. Sue Brantley | Dr. Chuck Kroll | Dr. Jud Harvey | Join CAFE Hydro

CAFE Hydro Meeting

CAFE Hydro Meeting
Please join us for a CAFE Hydro meeting at 4PM on Wednesday, March 27th in Heroy room 115. The theme of the meeting will be "Show-and-Tell." Please bring a print out (or a few to pass around) of a figure or concept you've been thinking about recently. This can be a plot from your research, a figure from a paper you just read, a conceptual diagram of a process that blows your mind, etc. Use this meeting as an opportunity to connect with other hydrology related graduate students, share some cool science, start a fun discussion, and eat a doughnut.

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CAFE Hydro Social Hour

CAFE Hydro Social Hour
Now that the semester is in full swing, join CAFE Hydro (Creating a Friendly Environment for HYDROlogists) Tuesday night (2/12) at 6PM for a social hour at Chuck's (bar down around Marshall St). CAFE Hydro is a working/support group for hydrology related graduate students. Come hang out, get to know some fellow grad students, and share ideas about potential meeting topics for this semester. Spread the word. All are welcome!

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Dr. Christina Tague - lecture - February 7 @ 4pm

Dr. Christina Tague

Syracuse Univeristy Earth Sciences Department and the Adaptive Peaks seminar at SUNY ESF will be co-hosting a visit by Dr. Christina Tague. Dr. Tague is a professor at UC Santa Barbara studying the interactions between hydrology and ecosystem processes and, specifically, how eco-hydrologic systems are altered by changes in land use and climate.  You can read more about her on her web page: http://ecohydrolab.com/. 

The seminar will be in 5 Illick on the SUNY ESF campus at 4pm on February 7th.

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Dr. Chandler -lecture- January 28 @ 4pm

Dr. Dave Chandler
Join the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department for a presentation by Dr. Dave Chandler at 4pm Monday (January 28) in Link Hall 369 as part of the weekly Environmental Group Seminar. The title of the talk is: "Soil Moisture Storage, Hysteresis and Hillslope Connection to Streamflow Generation in Semiarid Hydrology." Abstract: Decades of high frequency soil moisture data and one season of intensive hillslope-stream  experiments are used to demonstrate an inferential method for determining important soil parameters used for hydrologic modeling and a conceptual basis for understanding hillslope controls over stream flow and stream chemistry in snowmelt dominated catchments.

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Dr. Laura Toran - lecture - Dec. 10 @ 4pm

Laura Toran
Water Resources and Ecological Engineering Department invites you to a talk by Dr. Laura Toran on stream restoration on Monday, Dec 10th 2012. The talk will be held at 4 pm in ESF, Baker Lab- room 146.

Dr. Laura Toran, P.G., is a professor at the department of Earth and Environmental Science in Temple University,and will be giving her talk, *Using Hydrogeophysics to Image the Hyporheic Zone: What Works and What Doesn’t.*

Please pass this information on to other faculty, students, etc. More information on Dr. Toran and her work is available online:

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CAFE Hydro Meeting - Oct. 23 @ 1 PM

Next week's discussion will be focused around how we define streams. In 2006, the US Supreme Court re-examined the Clean Water Act (Rapanos v United States) and further defined "waters of the United States" to a more restrictive focus that directly relates to how we view and protect streams of various degrees of permanence (Leibowitz et al., 2008). Similarly, depiction of streams on USGS topographic maps is limited by remote detection techniques used to make maps and is incomplete in showing upper portions of perennial streams, as well as intermittent and ephemeral channels. Policy that requires stream buffers during forest harvesting practices varies state to state. Issues with stream protection and definition can be seen across the world -- in Sweden, for example, 90% of stream length is found in catchment areas under 15 sq. km., however 15 sq. km is the lower limit for what is surveyed on a national scale (Bishop et al., 2008). 


Tuesday's CAFE Hydro meeting will be a discussion focused around these issues, hosted by Maggie Zimmer. For instance, as researchers, have we come across our own issues with defining streams? How does the variable connection between wetlands and an adjacent stream influence how we think about the stream network on the watershed scale? Should water that infiltrates the stream bank during high flow events still be called stream water? Should the hyporheic zone be included in the definition of a stream? How do we define end members and differentiate groundwater flowpaths from visibly, but temporarily, dry streams? If we could directly advise the Supreme Court, what suggestions would we make?

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Climate change lecture - Sept 20

Dr. Richard Alley, a leading expert in climate change science, will present the 2012 Laura Hanhausen Milton First-Year Lecture hosted by Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 19, 2012 as well as an Earth Sciences Seminar at 4:00pm, September, 2012 in Hendricks Chapel. Alley, host of the 2011 PBS special Earth: The Operators’ Manual and author of a book by the same title, is the Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences at Pennsylvania State University. 

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Distinguished Lecturer - Sept 7th

Dr. Sue Brantley will be giving a seminar at 3:30 in Life Sciences Building, Room 105, entitled "Toward a Better Understanding of Water Quality Issues in Areas of Hydraulically Fractured Shale in the Northeastern U.S." Dr. Brantley is a professor at Pennsylvania State University in the Department of Geosciences and the Director of the Earth and Environmental Sysyems Institute. Dr. Brantley is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a 2011 awardee of the Arthur L. Day Medal of the Geological Society of America. She will be talking about hydrofracking issues related to water quality.

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Statistics for Hydrologists - An informal Q&A

Join CAFE Hydro in an informal Q&A with Dr. Chuck Kroll in Baker 439 this Thursday (9/6) at 11 AM. The Q&A will be focused around how to appropriately use statistics in hydrology related research. Come with questions!!

Dr. Chuck Kroll is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Resources Engineering at SUNY ESF. He teaches probability and statistics for engineers (APM 395/595), Environmental Systems Engineering (ERE 465/665), and Hydrologic Modeling (ERE 445/645). His current research interests lie in the area of environmental management and modeling, with a particular emphasis on water resources engineerng and urban air quality.

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Dr. Jud Harvey Visits Campus!

Dr. Jud Harvey sampling fine scale pore water

Here is the final schedule for Jud Harvey of the USGS visiting campus on Friday August 24. Please pass this information on to other faculty, students, etc. The majority of the day will be held in SU Heroy Geology Lab room 115. 

Agenda, open to everyone:
10:30 am – CAFÉ Hydro/graduate student meeting. SU Heroy Geology room 115 
11:30 am  – Lunch and open discussion, SU Heroy Geology room 115
1:15 pm – Seminar based on interest: “Effectiveness of urban stream restoration”, or “Using temperature as a tracer to quantify dynamic hyporheic flow during floods”, SU Heroy Geology room 115
2:45 pm – Webinar broadcast from SU: “Groundwater-surface water interactions and ecology of the Everglades”. Local “audience” can listen in and watch the talk live. SU Heroy Geology room 115
More about Jud is online at: https://profile.usgs.gov/j wharvey

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CAFE Hydro

CAFE Hydro - fostering a friendly environment!

Join CAFE Hydro (Creating A Friendly Environment for HYDROlogists), an active working/support group for hydrology graduate students at Syracuse University and SUNY ESF. Join us once a week for coffee, doughnuts, and a friendly environment to discuss issues with thesis/dissertation research, statistical and analytical road blocks, abstract and presentation outlines, as well as network and meet your fellow hydrology graduate community. 

For information on joining CAFE Hydro's email list or for the next meeting time and place, please contact: mazimm02@syr.edu or zenolevy@gmail.com. 

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